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  1. Hello DJ Michael Alan, I am looking for one of my favorite mixes/podcast called “The Gift”. I believe it was from 2008 and I lost it when I transferred my music to a new computer. Could you tell me if this mix/podcast is available anywhere.



  2. Hello .. What is the name of the track at the 8:35 mark on the “Hope Never Ends” podcast.

  3. Hello Michael,
    Let me tell you Mr. Alan, I’ve been a house head from NY since 1985! HouseMusic is a soul experience that just brightens up my world! You have become my all time favorite DJ, your style of true Deep Soul House is some of the best soulful mixes I’ve ever heard and I’ve experienced lots of House over the years!!! Your style is my style, you are incredible!!!!!

    I relocated to the south in 94 to the ATL then to Raleigh NC in 2002. Needless to say life is not the same without my house music outlets to dance, sing and experience some true deep house. Its a precious music and art!!! Thank you so much for Blessing us with your gift and for keeping True Deep Soulful House alive!!!!

    Your #30 cut “Some Ish 2 listen 2” mix was so damn LIT! Started my morning out on an amazing start??????????

    Finally, I’m heading home to NY after 12 yrs and I would love to know what club I could get a taste of OUR type of deep house Music!!! Where would you go??? Are YOU in NY??? If so are you going to be performing any where Saturday 1/18/2020 18th-20th??? This would be a highlight and lift up my soul Michael. So where do I go?????


  4. Rochelle, sorry for the delay in responding. I suck at social media. Your words are heartwarming and I am honored to have been able to be share my thoughts and feelings with you through music. MA

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